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quikly cuz you already at least know what a pokemon is, this is a show about a boy dreaming of being a pokemon master,in fact, the greatest of them all. He goes around a region called Kanto to collect badges from gym leaders that battle with pokemon. when a trainer gets all 8 kanto badges he/she is eligible for the pokemon league. then there is the orange leaggue with 4 badges, and the johto league with 8 badges. to become a pokemon master you have to have all 250 pokemon in your posession. ash has two friends that are with him, misty and brock. mmisty is the cerulean gyms leader and brock is pewter gyms leader, both come with him for different reasons, though.

i sincerely hate this show. its satan!! but more people will visit if its there. so here it is. eventually i'll have a site linked for each anime, but this has to do for now. so, if you like pokemon, i suggest you check out some of the other animes(broaden yo horizons) and i'll get to your needs. there'll be a pic gallery, character bios, etc.check it out again if youre a die hard pokefan in about a month or two. also, i'll have music pages, so if you have any pokemusic(i have none, but some for other animes) or know a good pokemusic page, tell me by "contacting me".