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I updated this a little! YAY ME, GO TEAM!


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most of all, this is just me, but my friends are also in here, and a few peaks of the hot chik pimpin life i live!

dbz sm1.jpg

this is me, with some editing to make it look, well, i dunno. you tell me...

dbz sm1.jpg

this is my all first "super saiyan" form i guess. actually i just thought it would look good in an anime page


ahh, the incredibly sexy tina...shes just hot, ok? shes in the middle of eating a breadstick in this picture.

dbz sm1.jpg

the left is adrienne, shes hot, and to the right is barb, you dont wanna know.


olsen. what else is there to say? she likes anime, and she eats cheese and bread.

dbz sm1.jpg

This is Sam, half of what makes up "the sams". he wears a red hat. and has a website. and i think his hat is his inspiration for his website. and he eats food.

feel free to save these pics, but you have to send me some pics of other hot chix in return, ok? thats all.

dbz sm1.jpg

Jessica Burchell, shes a sophomore now! Congrats Jessie!

L'il Debbi

this is debbie smith, aka little debbie. shes the hottest girl i know that rides my bus, everyone in the enire school wants her, but shes got a boyfriend.

dbz sm1.jpg

this is the original pic of the wassup pic. this is really what i look like

dbz sm1.jpg

shes one of my AOLIM friends, but she can be really mean if you ask her how old she is (hehehe)


another pic of tina, only better! yay! ok, this is umpin good: tina throws fritos at people! yay some more! well, not really...they call it the chaz and (sadly) shawn diet. :(

dbz sm1.jpg

Jamie Klenk and Pia Smigliani (i dont think i spelled that right), jamie in red, pia in white. i dont know pia that well, but i know that jamie draws good and stuff. thats it, theyre just here cuz they said they wouldnt sue if i put them on my site :)

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