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DRAGON BALL, DRAGON BALL Z, DRAGON BALL GT FANS GATHER 'ROUND! i have lots of clips on my all DBZ site and more pics too! also, if you havent noticed, there are a couple DBZ pics new here and some clips (not all) on this sites downloads. theres the all-DBZ site link to your right, test it already! and remember, super saiyijin 4 Goku says this: "go to chikn's DBZ site or ill kamehameha you beyond the next dimension!"

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this is a nice GIF of vegita and 19. ill try to find some other kool ones!

More Dragon Ball!

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Wanna know about DBGT? Well, heres your fist "facts of complete uselessness in no particular order"!

1)Goku is wished back into being a child.
2)Goku goes super saiyijin level 4.
3) so does vegita.
4)the fusion between legendary vegita and legendary goku lasts only long enough for him to get in a couple good hits.
5) there are 7 evil shenlongs (shenrons) that come from the dragon balls when there have been 7 evil wishes made.

each month you'll get 5 new ones! if you have a question, email me and ill put up the answer as one of my facts for the month!

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