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lil goku

I promised, so i did. here you go. all the stuff you needed to be just like the people that live where anime reigns. but when your mom yells at you for suddenly looking like THEM and not US, well, dont blame me! my mom lets me do whatever i want fashion wise and such, so i dont have those problems! look, all im saying is i cant be blamed for you wanting yellow hair and wearing a bunch of weighted orange and blue clothes, ok?

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Now for the most popular mags: theres "an an" (down), and "josei Jishin" (down left), which are #1 and #4 on the survey list this quarter.

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Personally, i thought a few of these to be quite odd, but here they are! top 10 animes in japan!

10:Kotetsu Tenshi Kurumi vol.4
9:The big O vol.2
8:DiGi Charat vol.2
7:Betterman vol.9
6:Turn a Gundam vol.5
5:Taiho Shichau Zo! vol.1
4:Card Captor Sakura vol.8
3:Sakura Taisen 2 vol.3
2:Furi kuri vol.1
and...#1:Card Captor Sakura vol.17!

cardcaptors is #1 in japan

Here are a couple popular music artists, brilliant green and some other person i havent heard of, but the new CD's they just released are out on audiogalaxy right now, check em out! i found a couple covers too.

the brilliant green

chilin chilin

A good luck wind chime, not exactly sure why its cool, but i guess its kinda like the dream catcher craze that went through the USA about 7 yrs ago.

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A couple examples of the latest fashions, but pretty much anything that makes you stand out, or look like somebody who stands out, is "in". i wouldnt reccomend your old goku costume from halloween a few yrs back. details: cellphones, exotic hair styles, technological wear (i.e. raver style-foil shirts, baggy pants with many odd pockets), and anything shiny. just look original or sumpin like that.

Josei Jishin

slayers was just beaten out of the american top 5, it came in #8

Compare those to the top 5 in america:

5:Rurouni Kenshin vol.1
4:Bubblegum crisis tokyo 2040 vol.6
3:cowboy bebop session 5
2:Dragonball z movie 11
1:Ranma 1/2 martial mayhem vol.9

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