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previews from cell and android saga are here! the pics will be in a special section of the picture gallery.



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dbz sm1.jpg

dbz sm1.jpg

here was my deck, far updated now, and far better. also note that the androids saga is out now! i bought a booster on july 30th, 2001.i got these cards:blue defensive flight,namekian determination,nemakian wrist grab, blue foot smash, android 17s neck hold, namekian defensive stance, black draining aura, android 20s enraged, blue holding drill, black studying drill, saiyan focus, and the rare was android 19s distress. i will be adding and subtracting from the deck soon, will update in 2 weeks


dbz sm1.jpg

DECK IDEASget this gear!

this is the "low income kill all lets get mad and then when he least expects it beg our opponent to have mercy, then while hes not looking blast him with a kamehameha" deck. enjoy, and send your deck designs to be posted on the site, ill get them up approximately two weeks after you send it. be sure to give me the following: NAME AS YOU WISH IT TO APPEAR, HOME STATE AND CITY, AGE, THE CARDS AND QUANTITIES IN YOUR DECK, and finally THE NAME OF YOUR DECK (if any). :)

Saiyan Saga Cards

goku 1
goku 2
goku 3
bulma 1
chiaotzu 1
yamcha 1

Dragon Balls
earth dragon ball 1
earth dragon ball 4
earth dragon ball 5

blue techniques
blue life defense drill
terrible wounds
the untroubled mind is focused
power up!
eyes of the dragon
blue forward foot sweep

green techniques
saiyan arm throw
gokus suprise attack(foil)
saiyan neck hold
gokus anger attack(2)
gokus physical attack
goku body throw
saiyan training
goku honor duel
gokus touch
saiyan energy blast
gokus energy defence(foil)
gokus energy blast

red techniques
red knife hand
red palm heel strike
red reading drill

orange techniques
orange leg sweep
orange arm bar
orange shoulder throw
orange two knuckle punch
orange one knuckle punch
orange wrist flex takedown
orange neck restraints
orange off-balancing drill(foil)

black techniques
black takedown drill
black knife hand strike
black front kick
black axe heel kick(2)

Frieza Saga

dende the unlikely hero

blue techniques
time is a warriors tool

green techniques
just kidding
gokus quickness
gokus sudden outburst
saiyan rapid deflection
recoome boom

red techniques
yajirobes gifting drill
red implosion drill
dende healing drill
red energy disk blasting

orange techniques
orange planet destruction
orange kamehameha attack

Trunks Saga

green techniques
trunks defensive crouch(foil)

Burger King Specials

krillins trick
super saiyan gokus power