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Chikn's Dragon Ball Utopia
Character Bios

These are far from complete right now, but im working hard, typing all of these isnt easy, when im done, there will also be a way to download the text file if you wish to have all of these for later reading :) special thanx to Pojo's for publishing the magazine where im getting some of my bios also :)


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DBZ group

Advisor black-second in command of the red ribbon army. He helps commander red collect the dragon balls under the assumption that red will wish for world domination. Upon learning that red plans to wish to become taller, black shoots him and takes over the army. His coup is short lived however as Goku kills him and destroys the organization.

Aerobics women-watched by master roshi for what seems like a daily event, the aerobics woman is watched on T.V. by Roshi, Oolong, and sometimes Yamcha.

Afterlife martial arts tournament announcer-announcer for the afterlife tournament in which goku competes soon after the cell game. He has a mushroom-like head.

Agent purple-a martial arts master and pervert, agent purple is defeated by goku in muscle tower.

Agent purples bros.-brothers of purple, they are called upon to assist in killing goku. Each has a weapon more lethal that the last.

Akira toriyama-making random appearances in the manga and series, akira toriyama expressed himself as a robot-like character.

dbz sm1.jpg

Akkuman-the fourth and final fighter of uranai baba, he had a devilish appearance. He should have been able to kill goku with ease, however, goku possessed no evil within him making him immune to akkumans technique of destroying people by awakening their inner evil.

Alien dino-giant dinosaur that goku and the others run into in their search for the black star dragon balls. He eats a dragon ball by mistake. Not wanting to wait for the dino to digest the ball, goku flies in the mouth of the dino and down to the stomach. Finding the dragon ball, goku forces his way out and the dino deflates and shrinks. Bandaging up the poor dino, goku apologizes.

Amondo-turlass henchman in the third DBZ movie, he is killed by goku.

dbz sm1.jpg

Android 8-a Frankenstein looking android, 8 is ordered to kill the young goku after he tries to defeat the red ribbon army. He instead teams up with goku, and helps defeat the army. After this, he lives a peaceful life with Snow.

Android 13-created by one of geros supercomputers, 13 was designed to kill goku. After gero died, the computer built upon his hatred and created the three androids sent to kill goku in the seventh movie. After 14 and 15 were destroyed, 13 assembled various parts from them to transform into super 13. goku defeated him by turning to super saiyan and using a giant genki dama.

Android 14-created from geros hatred for goku, 14 was big and gray. Immensely powerful, 14 fought against trunks and was winning until trunks went super saiyan and killed him with his sword.

Android 15-short and blue, 15 was created by geros computer for the purpose to kill goku. Helping 14 with trunks, 15 was told to fight vegita once he arrived. Although he initially was winning against vegita, he was no match for vegitas super saiyan form.

Android 16-future trunks is not aware of his existence because he is not awakened in the future timeline. 16 doesnt fight any of the Z fighters. He is defeated by cell, then rebuilt by bulma and DR. briefs, then destroyed by perfect cell. His final words are to gohan, telling him to unleash his full power on cell.

Android 17-the most evil android. He destroys gero after being awakened. He is unwillingly absorbed by cell. He is wished back to life without his bomb, where he fuses with artificial 17 to form super 17. at that time he once again kills Dr. gero.

Android 18-is unwilling absorbed by cell, but is spit out when gohan lands a powerful gut punch. Krillin is in love with her and wishes her to be human and without her bomb. They marry and have a daughter names Marron. In the future timeline she is responsible for the death of all Z fighters and most of the worlds population.

Android 19-the weakest android (not counting android 20) he can absorb energy through his palms. When he is about to kill goku, vegita interferes and destroys 19 with the big bang attack.

dbz sm1.jpg

Angel-developes a crush on gohan after seeing him in his underwear.

Angira-a henchman of lord slug, he is killed when goku fires his mouth blast back at him.

Annin-guardian of the furnace of 8 divisions at the border between earth and the afterlife.

Apura-hecnman of frieza, responsible for bringing vegita back to full healthafter his fight with zarbon.

Aqua-a fighter from the east galaxy, he faces goku in the semi-finals. He does bad until he turns the ring into a giant snake. However, goku turns it back, and defeats him. Afterword, goku congratulates him for nearly winning, and says he hopes to fight him again.

Aruhuan-planet destroyed by Majin Buu 5 million years ago.

Atla-arlian who vegita and nappa meet after willingly surrendering to the arlians. He was betrothed to lemlia, but lost his wife to the arlian dictator.


Baba-master roshis sister. Gifted fortune teller.

Babidis staff-group of low level fighters easily defeated by gohan.

Babi-dee-son of bibi-dee, he is a short old looking sorcerer who resurrects majin buu with the help of dabura.

Bacterian-the only fighter in the tenkaichi bodoukai that never bathes. He is defeated by krillin because his smell cant effect him, since he doesnt have a nose.

Bank robbers-robbing a bank, they are defeated by pan while she is on her way to the movies with her boyfriend.


Bardock-father of Kakarrot (Goku), he is a low-class Saiyan and somewhat the leader of his own little group. While conquering a planet for Freezer, an alien being attacked Bardock and forcefully gave him the power to see the future. Bardock was injured and brought back to be healed, he received visions of the destruction of Vegeta and of Goku. While he was away his crew was sent on another mission, they were ambushed by Dodoria and killed. Bardock went to join them and found his comrades beated, he was told by the last member of the crew that Freezer's ambitions were true. He barely made it back alive and told everyone about Freezer, they all laughed and turned him away. Bardock decided he was the only one that could stop Freezer.... He failed and right before he died he saw his son facing off against Freezer. He died with a big grin on his face.

Barry kahn-teen superstar, he is seen by buu on a poster while buu was attempting to kiss a girl. Buu shifts his face to look like barry kahns, but the girl still refuses. Buu then kills her.

Bartender A-man in a bar when lunch makes her first appearance. He serves her a drink.

Bartender B-a happy bartender who serves lunch after the death of tien. He almost passes out when she pays him thousands of dollars.

Battle robot-drones of coolers in DBZ movie 6, they had exceptional power, and were only beaten when the Z fighters fought at full power.

dbz sm1.jpg

Bear thief-first enemy goku encounters outside home, he was a giant bear with a samurai uniform. Since he was hungry and had a taste for turtles, he tried to eat umigame. Goku beats him up when he does this.

Bebi-the last tsufurujin, he was made from the DNA of the king. Genetically created by Dr. myuu, he has the sole goal of killing all saiyans to avenge the extinction of his race. He is a parasite, infesting people through open wounds or other body opening. After failing to control trunks, bebi goes to earth while goku and the others are searching for the dragon balls. He is beaten by gotten, but manages to gain control of him. He moves to gohan, and finally vegita. When goku returns to earth, al of humanity except mr. Buu and mr. Satan are under bebis control.

Bee-mr. Satans dog, he was brought by buu. He is never afraid of any enemies, particularly the evil buu.

Bibi-dee-creater of majin buu and father of babi-dee, killed by kaioshin for his evil actions.

Bido-the strongest of bojacks henchmen. He is killed by ascended saiyan gohan.

Bio warriors-created by jaga bada in the 11th movie, they would have defeated mr. Satan if it werent for trunks, gotten, and 18.

Black star shenlong-dragon of the black star dragon balls. Larger in size and power than the normal shenlong. The major difference is that whatever planet he was summoned to would explode if the dragon balls werent gathered again and the previous wish reversed within one year.

many villians trading card

Blue group leader-one of blues top men, he enjoys picking his nose. When blue found this out, he killed him.

Blueberry-henchman of frieza, he had a doglike appearance. He and raspberry find bulma with a dragon ball, and decide to try to find them all after bulma explains the dragon balls powers.

Big ghetti star-giant ship created by cooler, it needs planets cores to power it. At the center is coolers brain, which controls the ship.cooler uses it to steal the super saiyan power from goku and vegita, but they give him too much and the ship explodes.

Bio brolly-in movie 11, jaga bada and his scientists create a clone of brolly from cells Priest brings him. He is engulfed in acid while fightingtrunks, gotten, and 18. this deforms him,then trunks, gohan, and krillin fire kamehamehas into the ocean, which splashes brolly with salt water, which defeats him with ease.

Blind boy-while looking for milk, he meets buu. Bu learns that he is blind, and buu heals his condition. Buu turns a person into milk, gives it to the boy, and they part. Later, buu destroys the city, a foreshadow of buus evil and good being separated.

Bojack-an incredibly strong fighter who was sealed in a star by the kaios. After goku destroys king kaios planet, bojac is freed and takes over the tenkaichi bodoukai. After easily beating trunks, vegita, and piccolo,he fights gohan. Goku helps gohan turn to an ascended saiyan again and bojack is beaten.

Bongo-king gurumesus henchman from the first DB movie, he follows orders without question. When fighting goku, he is defeated but not killed.

Bon para, son para, and ron para-brothers hired by mutchy-motchy to gather the drgaon balls. They use a strange dancing technique. When goku asks for the universes energy, they help out.

Bora-father of upa, he protects Karin tower. When attacked by tao pai pai, he is killed but later wished back.

Boss rabbit-gang leader, he can turn people into carrots. He is defeated by goku.

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