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pokemon(?) or if you prefer, pocket monsters
the badges

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the badges

if you thought it was over with 8, then you're dead wrong...

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there was 8, then 12, and now 20.

earthbadge-this badge is the last of the 8 kanto badges, and the hardest to get thanx to giovanni and the nido-royalty, as well as mewtwo(only vs. gary).

boulderbadge-this is brocks badge. the only way to get it is to defeat him ,which ash did with the help of brocks father and a super charged pikachu.

waterbadge-this is misty's, and was very easy to get for any certain someone with a super pika...

thunderbadge-lt surges badge of choice, it took a beating from a raichu and a bunch of brain power to figure ou that pikachus agility could win it.

rainbowbadge-erikas badge.gloom got saved by ash.poof!instant badge!

marshbadge-sabrinas psychic badge, kadabra woon twice, then haunter made it laugh and ash won this one.

soulbadge-kogas. something about charmander and thats all i know. tell me the real story at so i can edit that.

volcanobadge-magmar good. ash lose. rocket blow up lava. trouble. ash helps, ash gets rematch. ash wins. yay....

orange island badges-they look like seashells.thats all.

zephyrbadge-falkner used bird, ash used pika and charizard, ash won, as usual.

hivebadge-bugsys badge. he uses bugs, and has a scyther.

plainbadge-whitneys of goldenrod, she likes cute pokemon.theres nothin i hate more than the smell of cute.

fogbadge-morty has this one.he uses ghosts mostly.

stormbadge-this chuck dude looks ragin! hes a fighting kind of guy.

mineralbadge-jasmines badge. she uses the awesome steel type.

glacierbadge-this guuy is stupid.his name is pryce(hehehe).

risingbadge-she uses dragons, which i kinda like, but shes also pretty cool in that leather outfit thats really tight.