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Just Music
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Welcome to my web site!

okay, sad but true, ive got a dog that needs a new home. i live in michigan. its a black cocker spaniel, hes very obediant, and has a slight hearing and seeing problem cuz hes old, but hes no real pob, i just cant take care of him anymore, and my dad was gonna put him to sleep. contact me for more info. thanx guys

basically, this is a music site. only the good stuff gets here, so theres no crap as far as im concerned.

that means no country, no classical, and so on.

also, when i can find some good eminem, lil kim, limp bizkit, korn, or other good .wav or .midi file, there will be music on the site. i'm limited to those kinds of files, i cant play an mp3 on the site because of tripod and lycos limitations. email me with your anger on this subject and i'll make sure to protest this limitation with them, thanx!

these arent the kind of sites you just update once in awhile. in fact, it ma only be updated once the entire time its up! but, thats just dandy, cuz if i do update it, it'll be major, not just a new pic or 2.

What's New?

theres always somethin new in the music industry, like napster. now you gotta pay for music you can get off a site like mine for free, what a batch!

what about britney spears? well, shes fugly, so get over her, in two years she'll have 69 kids and weigh about 800 pounds.

in the techno scene, nothin is ever new, cuz its all the same at different speeds.

the anime music business is booming though due to toonami's ever-more updating of shows. the shows become popular, then everyone wants the music soundtrack. u can get that here.

in alternative rock, L.B. is doin good, my way or the highway is ok, and theres about 5 other gems on that CD.

rap/r$b- nothin ever changes there does it?! well, except who jay-z is pimpin and which trial puffy's goin to.

baller icons link

uh, this, this is a buddy icon from baller icons, and uh, its very, um, musical, so yeah. if u need a new icon, click it. thats all.

bad ass buddy link

this is another icon, but this one is linked to bad ass buddy, yet another good icon site. you could get one from there too.