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The End Of Evangelion


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Neon Genesis Evangelion

This is the part that'll bllow your mind, so be prepared. there are supplements at the bottom to screw it up even more

what is eva? who knows. what is humanity? who knows? i dont want this, i dont want it this way. what do you wish? do u fear anxiety? what do u want? do you want peace of mind? do u fear rejection? do you love your mother? what is possibility?

this is the ending of the series, its intensity can only be felt, not explained, known, or otherwise. its impossible, but yet done and possible all in itself.

erasure of loneliness. that is what shinji wants. he has it.

you seek your own value.that is why he pilots eva.then what are you? then what are you?!

this is the shape that lets others recognize you as yourself. this is your identity. it is a representation, a symbol, but it is not the real you. everything is simply a shape, a form. but then, what are you? is this your true self? your fake self? you are you.

who knows? why does he pilot eva? nobody understands.

nobody can ever understand you. the only one who can take care of you is yourself. but you dont understand self. you are afraid. that is, the present you, the people around the present you, and the environment that surrounds the present you. none of these last forever. constant change.

the world of perfect freedom. it is empty. there are no restrictions. but you are afraid. here, a restriction is the ground. now you have a top and a bottom, but you have lost a shred of your freedom. this is your will.

Free will. The will to be fre, to have exactly as you choose with no penalty of dislike or displeasure. this is your reality, the way to recognize reality. Reality is what you make of it, it is all perception. This is your free will. This is how you wanted it, this is the end you brought on yourself, the end you created.

Shinji is the beast that shouted "I" at the heart of the world.

Death and rebirth.

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great after-eva fan-fic! this is a must read!

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